Online backup is undoubtedly the most preferred data storage solution these days. The wise entrepreneurs are getting increasingly dependent on virtual data backup even if they have local in-house backup. But why is it that remote backup is so much in vogue today? Well, the post below presents a brief on the many benefits of virtual backup followed by some tips that will help to pick out a reliable company for it.

Remote backup benefits

The first point is that remote backup confirms an optimum safeguard for your business database. The local backup solution cannot ever confirm such high level of data security as it breaks down in case of any accident, disaster or virus invasion. The multiple redundancy levels common in virtual backup protects server crash and data loss in turn. Besides, the remote backup facility is much cheaper than in-house backup. What more, here you are getting 24/7 accession to your online data from any computer at any place. Easy share of big files is another good advantage of virtual backup facility.

Picking up the right company

While you are about to pick up your virtual backup company, check out that it comes with real time automatic database sync provision so that your online data is always updated as per your local folders. Then, there should be the assurance of secure online backup. Your chosen remote backup facility should provide for high end encryption support as well as top grade RAID storage facility to ensure your data is safe from any unwanted access. There shouldn’t be any restriction regarding the amount of data storage in the virtual backup system.

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